How does Daoism explain the concept of “Tian-Ren-Gan-Ying”?

“Tian” is the word for sky or Heaven, “Ren” the word for man, and “Gang-Ying” the word for induction. Taoism believes that the Tao of Heaven, the Tao of Nature and the Tao of Mankind can all be interlinked.

“Tian-Ren-Gan-Ying” is a very important concept in Taoism. The concept of “Tian-Ren-Gan-Ying” includes three aspects. First Daoism believes man and the natural world resembles each other structure wise: each part of human body has it’s semblance in the natural world, so is its functions. Therefore the management of the society is the same as managing a human body that is to follow the Tao of Heaven. Second, Taoists believe that immortals and common people are interlinked: by practicing internal alchemy and self cultivation a person can attain the Tao, attain the essence of the nature and be in smooth interconnection with Heaven and Earth. Third, Taoism believes that human beings are under constant surveillance of the Heaven: therefore man must maintain his goodness and integrity all the time.

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