The First Initiation Ceremony in Guadalajara, Mexico

On February 7, 2024, in Guadalajara, Mexico, at 6:00 p.m., at the office of the Daoist Association of Mexico, the Wudang Cultural Center held the first initiation ceremony in Mexico, as well as the disciple-receiving ceremony for Liu Chengyong, president of the German Taoist Association, and Xin Dao, president of the Daoist Association of Mexico.
Thirteen local Mexican believers converted, each receiving a certificate by the German Taoist Association, a Taoist scripture published with English translation, a Talisman for protection and other gifts. Also several family members and friends of the converted believers were invited to witness the ceremony.


Before the ceremony began, Daoist Master Liu Chengyong, president of the German Taoist Association, delivered a sermon and explained the precautions for the initiation ceremony to the attendees. Master Liu first explained what Dao is and the characteristics of Taoist beliefs. He then emphasized that everyone can learn the Dao, which views all things equally and sees everything as part of the Dao. Master Liu exemplified this with the phrase “The highest good is like water,” illustrating how water benefits all things without contention, making it a manifestation of the Dao. Finally, Daoist Master Liu explained the Three Treasures of “Dao, Scriptures, and Master” and why one should take refuge in them.

Each convert held incense, knelt before the altar, and Daoist Master Liu Chengyong led the Daoists in opening the ceremony, reciting morning scriptures, sending the petition of the converts to the deities, and blessing their certificates. Finally, all the believers collectively pledged to take refuge in the Three Treasures of Dao, Scriptures, and Master for life after life, never deviating from the right path.

After the initiation ceremony, Students Aldahair Rosas Rubio and Alejandra Ramírez Arámbula maked the ceremony Bai Shi (Disciple Ceremony ). Xin Dao, president of the Daoist Association Mexico, acted as the Shixiong and first offered incense to the ancestors, bowing three times and kowtowing nine times. Holding a whisk, he stood next to Master Liu Chengyong, while the secretary-general of the German Taoist Association, Fan Xin Rui, presided over the ceremony. The two disciples then offered incense and fruit to the ancestors. Aldhair and Alejandra knelt before Master Liu Chengyong and recited the formal letter of acceptance, took vows, offered tea, and presented red envelopes. Master Liu Chengyong responded with scriptures, expressing his hopes for the new disciples and encouraging them to study diligently. Subsequently, the two became disciples under Master Liu Chengyong, and the crowd applauded to congratulate them.

The second disciple-receiving ceremony was the first one held by Xin Dao, president of the Daoist Association Mexico. Students Héctor Juan Manuel León Silva and Robby Ramírez offered incense and fruit to the ancestors, kneeling before Master Xin Dao one after the other, reciting the formal letter of acceptance, taking vows, offering tea, and presenting red envelopes. The crowd congratulated the two disciples on finding their master, congratulating President Xin Dao on receiving new disciples, and congratulating Daoist Master Liu Chengyong on receiving new grand-disciples.
The initiation ceremony and disciple-receiving ceremony concluded successfully, with everyone taking a group photo to commemorate the occasion, and enjoying lively conversation.

Article by Fan Xin Rui

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