Why does Daoism promote the concept of “Qing-Jing”?

“Qing” indicates “purity and cleanliness” and “Jing” means “silence and tranquility”. Taoism believes “Qing-Jing” is the basis for Dao. Only in the state of “Qing-Jing” Dao will come to dwell. The concept of “Qing-Jing” has its root in “Dao-De-Jing”.

In the book “Shi Ji” section “Preface by Tai Shi Gong” it says “By Wu-Wei Li Er (another name for Laozi) becomes enlightened, by Qing-Jing Li Er becomes righteous”. Taoism put great emphasis on “Qing-Jing”, the reason lies in by learning “Qing-Jing” one can easily approach the Tao and strengthened one’s will in searching the ultimate truth.

Other Taoism classics have indicated that Heaven and Earth are the best embodiments of Qing-Jing. Therefore, Taoists should take them as examples, act in Qing-Jing and Wu-Wei. Only so that one may have the chance to obtain the Tao.

A precondition for becoming “Qing-Jing” is that one must first be Wu-Wei and stay abstinence.

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