What is Zhen-Da Daoism?

The words “Zhen Da” mean “True and Grand”. Zhen Da Daoism was also called “Da-Dao-Jiao” or the Grand Taoism. Zhen Da Taoism was created by Liu De Ren in the thirteenth century.

In practice, Zhen-Da Taoism emphasised on some of the basic concepts outlined by Laozi in “Dao De Jing”, such as “Maintain purity, tranquility and non-doing”, “Curbing selfishness and one’s desires”, “Promote thriftiness and non-competitiveness”, and etc. The school stressed humility and simplicity in oneself, and kindness toward others. It discouraged the use and pursuit of magic power, and it discouraged even the ideas of longevity and immortality.

Zhen-Da Taoism was favored by some of the Emperors in its time, and was quite popular in yellow river Valley and southern China. Later in the history, Zhen-Da Taoism merged into Quan-Zhen Daoism.

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