What is the philosophical basis for Taoism?

Taoist philosophy has its roots in “Yi-Jing”. “Yi-Jing” is a Chinese classic, it states “Wu-Ji” (Nothingness) gives rise to “Tai-Ji” (Unity); “Tai-Ji” gives rise to “Liang-Yi” or Dual equilibrium; “Liang-Yi” gives rise to “Si-Xiang” or Four Diversification; “Si-Xiang” gives rise to “Ba Gua” or Eight Trigrams.

Taoism believes the world is made of Yin and Yang on the most basic level. On top of Ying and Yang are the “Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and the Earth)” which come out of the interaction between the two, and the “Five Elements” are responsible for the formation of the universe and all the creations in it. The “Five Elements” are also responsible for the operations of our universe.

In “Dao-De-Jing” it says “Tao gives rise to One, One gives rise to Two, Two gives rise to Three, and Three gives rise to Ten Thousand Things”

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