Why do Taoists perform morning and evening prayers everyday?

“Morning and Evening Classics” are two important Taoist scriptures which record the principles of Taoism and the rules of conduct for all Taoists. All Taoists must follow the guidance of these two classics in order to have a better understanding of the Dao and to achieve the goals of self cultivation.

Taoism also believes that one needs to make three connections. First, through reading the scripture of “Purity and Tranquility” in the morning ritual, one repents one’s wrong, prays for the betterment of the world, thus making a connection to the eternal world. Second, by reading “Jiu Ku Jing” in the evening ritual, one helps the spirits and ghosts to break away from their suffering, thereby making a connection with the netherworld. Third by reading “San Guan Jing” in noon ritual, one prays for others the lifting of misfortune, the blessing of good luck and the pardons from Divine, hence making a connection to the world of humanity.

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