What are “San-Zai” and “Ba-Nan”?

“San-Zai” means “three disasters” which are the wind disaster, the fire disaster and the water disaster.
“Ba-Nan” means “eight difficulties”.

They are,

(1) To be born a human instead of others;

(2) To be born a man instead of a woman;

(3) To be born healthy and all parts complete;

(4) To be born in China;

(5) To be born when a wise Emperor is ruling;

(6) To be born with a heart of kindness and generosity;

(7) To be born at a time of peace;

(8) To be able to come across the “Three Treasures”.

In book “Yun Ji Qi Jian”, there is another explanation of the “Ba-Nan” :

(1) Will not changes one’s mind on search the Dao;

(2) Able to study from the real masters of Tao;

(3) Will not stay comfy and lazy;

(4) Staying away from secular affairs;

(5) Staying away from secular love and sentiment;

(6) Staying away from greed and desires;

(7) Staying away from joy and anger;

(8) Staying away from sex and erotica.

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