100 Taoist Seals and their use

“法印” Taoist seals are generally used in Taoist talismans, rituals and religious activities, such as protecting the body, improving people, eliminating disasters and exorcising evil spirits and other rituals and religious activities.

Usually made of wood, copper or jade. The seals are engraved with words with Taoist meanings, and some are even engraved with completely stylized patterns. The practice has been passed down since Zhang Daoling, the ancestor of the celestial master, and has continued to this day.

The Taoist seal, also known as “神印” and “印篆”, is a seal that symbolizes the authority of heaven and immortals. It is made by imitating ancient imperial jade seals and official seals.

Before the formation of the Taoist religious group, Fangtu and shamans had imitated the way of government, army, and imperial envoys to create seals, which were used in activities such as curing diseases and dispell evil. It was created when the Taoist sect was formed. A legend is that when Zhang Ling created the Five Dou Rice School, he used the seal of “阳平治都功印”, which has been passed down from generation to generation and still used today. Zhengyi, Lingbao, Shangqing, Jingming and other sects have their own seals.

Taoism believes that the use of seals in the practice of Daoism is just like the use of official seals in the implementation of administration in the human world. Each seal has its own master, so that the gods, people and ghosts of heaven and earth will know what they do.

Therefore, the seal of the gods not only represents the authority of the immortals, but is also a token of the teachings of various Taoist sects.

According to the content of the printed text, the seal contract can be divided into four categories:

– The first type uses the name of the god or the imaginary office in the immortal world as the seal, such as the jade seal of the Taoist emperor, the seal of the Yuanshi Fuming, the seal of the nine old immortals, and the seal of the city god.

– The second type uses talismans as seals. For example, the seal of Huangshenyue is an incantation of more than 100 characters; the seal of Lingbao and Shenxiao sects is composed of a slight variation of the scroll of《灵宝升天大卷》.

– The third type uses the texts of the scriptures as seals, such as composed of the texts of the《度人经》, and “严摄北酆明检鬼营印”.

– The fourth category is seals in the name of Taoist priests, such as “阳平治都功印”. In addition, there are still small seals applied to various practices.

Printing is widely used. Talisman must be stamped according to the school. Some can also be used alone; for example, to cure diseases. Folks often ask the Taoist temple to get the printed text to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

Detailed explanation of 100 Taoist seals

1 【元始符命印】This seal must be used for the worship of the Sanqing statue, placed under the Yuanshi Tianzun statue, and used for the altar.

2【上清灵宝大法司印】Use this seal on texts, stickers, ultimatums, lists, etc., to show the ghosts and gods of the three realms. Seeing this seal is like seeing Lingbao Tianzun. It can also be printed on the script. This seal should be placed on the altar for use on the altar. Put it under the statue of Lingbao Tianzun. Its used for spells.

3【太上老君敕令印】 This seal can be used on all records. Usually can be placed on the altar to worship.

4【太清教主印】Use this seal in the record of the person who asks Huang Laojun to help, and perform the required rituals. Relevant records can be found in the book《录辑要》.

5【元始一气混沌太极之印】Offering it on the altar can obtain longevity and use it on the longevity slip. This seal is placed in the middle of the altar for the use of magic spells.

6【玉帝印式】The seal of the Jade Emperor ruled over the heavens.

7 【太极之印】Summons all spirits, also known as the chapter of Heavenly Spirits and Divine Treasures.

8 【道君玉印】 The seal of the Daojun, this seal holds the stars of the heavens, the ghosts and gods of the three realms, and the number of calamities. If you use it and hold this seal, you can become  Lingbao Tianzun. It should also be printed on the scriptures. Apply this seal to the altar during the edict.

9【酆都大帝心印】Fengdu Great Emperor series of spells of killing ghosts, subduing demons and beheading monsters use this seal, this seal catches ghosts, all gods subdue themselves, and heavenly soldiers help.

10 【道经师宝印】The most classic and most commonly used seal of Taoism. Can be used in any situation. This seal can be used by anyone who is not certified as a Taoist priest or who is practicing by himself. Tao, scriptures, and teachers are the highest treasures of Taoist practioners and the foundation of all methods and techniques.

11 【天皇印】When applying the seal, you need to burn incense to worship the Three Emperors Gaozhen and the Five Sacred Mountains, and then recite the incantation and blow air on the seal. This seal calls the ghosts of the five directions, seals the wind and the rain, seals the stars and seals the moon. The power is quite large.

12【地皇印】When applying the seal, you need to burn incense to worship the Three Emperors Gaozhen and the Five Sacred Mountains, and then recite the incantation and blow air on the seal. The ground cracked, the grass and trees turned to ashes, the birds fell to the ground, and the tigers and worms died.

13 【人皇印】When the seal is applied, it is necessary to burn incense to worship the Three Emperors Gaozhen and the Five Sacred Mountains, and then recite the incantation and blow air on the seal. All the sick will recover. In case of disaster, if you swallow this seal with fragrant soup, it will become auspicious and prosperous. If you use the seal to save lives, you need to swallow the talisman of the emperor too.

14 【天信印】This seal returns to the heaven, stays in the sun and stays in the moon, changing the seasons of spring and autumn. The left hand is pinched, the right hand holds the seal, and a seal is printed on the heaven gate, and then the immortal will descend. If you want to travel to the Palace of the Sun and Moon, first take a bath, then spread a reed mat, and stamp the cloud letter on it, you can take the seat and go up to the Moon Palace. If you want to change the night scenery, you will prepare a water basin, stamp it on it, and the sun will sink. If it is dawn, a bamboo pole will be prepared and erected. If this seal is printed on the southern corner of the heaven, it will snow in the summer months.

15 【地信印】 This seal moves the earth and destroys the mountains, the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, the ghosts are subdued and the ditches are broken. If the seal is printed on the ground of the house, the earth will move, and if it is withdrawn, it will be printed on the Tiangang. If the ghosts and gods are printed, the ghosts and gods will beg for mercy. The mountain will open on this road. In the event of a disaster, if you write the word “Water” on this road, there will be rivers galloping, and people will not dare to approach.

16【人信印:万灵胜宝印】This seal can make the grass and trees all soldiers. If you are marching, you can print this seal on the head of the forest and drink a sip of water. Seven branches of pure grass, facing the door holding,  taking seven star steps first, all people are invisible. If there is an emergency, if it is imprinted on the head, it will change into an old man, on the foot of the imprint will be a boy, on the waist of the imprint will be a woman, the imprint on the face will be a beast, the imprint on the shoulder will be a bird, the imprint on the back will be a forest tree, and the imprint on the chest will be a large stone. All should be used with water.

17 【龙信印:降龙宝印】 This seal can subdue a dragon and ride a dragon into the heaven. If you want to become a dragon, you can use a seal to print three feet of white silk on its head and tail. The sound turns into a dragon. Fly over it at will. If you want to become a dragon yourself, change the three words of the seal into three sounds to become a dragon.

18 【虎信印:伏虎宝印】This seal can subdue tigers and subdue all evil beasts. In the place where the tiger is separated, it is pasted on the vermilion cloth. The tiger dared not move. To let the tiger lead the way, print on the peach board and wear it in a blue bag, and the tiger follows around like a dog and a sheep. If you turn into a tiger, you can put the seal on your back and spray water to turn into a tiger.

19【云信印:起云宝印】 This seal can raise clouds and climb the sky, giving birth to five-colored auspicious clouds, riding clouds to the sky, traveling the sun and watching the moon, coming and going naturally. If you print this seal under your feet, a cloud will be formed. If you want to ride a cloud, you will place the seal on the cloud. If you imprint a cloud, the cloud will be ten feet tall. The more you use the seal, the higher the cloud. If the rain does not stop and you want to create five-colored auspicious clouds, you will write gold, wood, water, fire, and earth in red letters on a blue cloth, and imprint them on the letters.

20【风信印:生风宝印】This seal can cause wind on the ground, blow sand and rocks, and makes the sky dark. The method is: use a porcelain bowl, use cinnabar to paint: the three characters of fast-growing wind, throw them into the air, and use the seal to illuminate it, and the wind will come at a high speed. If you use the seal at the gate of ghosts, the black wind will rise rapidly, and there will be no distinction between day and night.

21 【金信印:碎剑宝印】 This seal can cut gold and break iron. All weapons can’t get close and can’t hurt. When facing the enemy, use cinnabar to imprint seven pieces on white silk, burn them into ashes, use a bowl of clean water, stir the imprinted ashes, spray them out in front of the enemy’s formation, and then imprint on the left arm, so that swords and guns cannot penetrate. If you want to verify, you can choose a chicken, tie this seal under the chicken wings, and shoot with an arrow, the chicken will be unscathed.

22 【木信印:返木宝印】This seal can produce all plants and trees and fly into the sky, enabling them to carry items. The method is as follows: choose a plant, use a seal on both ends of the plant, and it will fly up of the ground and carry the goods. It is best to choose a piece of wood, carved into the shape of a bird to use this method.

23【水信印:泛波宝印】This seal can create water, if you want waves, use an iron plate, put the seal on it, and cast it into the river, and a big wave will come. If you want to cross the river, put this stamp on your feet. Print it on the ground, dig a well, and water will come out of the well.

24 【火信印:烈阳宝印】 This seal can send thousands of miles of fire. Burn everything. The method is as follows: put the seal on the southern part, blow air on the seal, and point it in the direction, and the fire will come out from the seal. If you want to burn the house, grass and trees, wrap the cobblestone in green paper and throw it on the room, and the fire will start immediately.

25【土信印:长春宝印】This seal can produce all kinds of plants, trees, grains and plants. Soil becomes gold and jade. After the five grains are planted, water is sprayed on them.

26 【混合百神印】 It is worn by monks and can use all spirits. Wherever the seals are located, the gods are courted, and the three worlds are guarded. You can draw the talisman and it is imprinted with this, and it is immediately received.

27 【总监鬼神印】It is the seal held by the five emperors and can be used by the chief supervisor to supervise ghosts and gods. This is the system of Lingbao magic. The time of use is determined by the chief executive, and it is used to blow the air from the spirit treasure. Use a red bag to hold it.

28 【总监鬼印】 The usage and function are equivalent to the ghost seal. This seal is the ghost of a prisoner. Please do not confuse them.

29 【混洞赤文印】 This seal is commonly used on Talisman. Use at will.

30 【召集群仙印】 This seal can summon all immortals to the front of the altar. It can be used for registers and memorials.

31 【混元印】The Seal of Ten Thousand Ghosts is captured by the Hunyuan of the Three Realms.

25【北帝第一煞鬼神印】This seal cures all diseases.

23 【北帝酆都召鬼神印】 It will be safe to print on the affected part of the sick person. It can be used in dealing with different diseases.

34【北极杀鬼印】Killing ghosts, exorcising evil spirits, and subduing demons. It can be used to cure evil diseases and spells possessed by ghosts.

35【北酆杀鬼印】Whether male or female, if one is possessed by demons and ghosts, talk nonsense, and act madly, you can use this seal on the patient’s heart to solve it. Above the spells used in this regard. This seal is carved with a jujube heart, and it must be used three times in a year to gain magical powers.

36【都召鬼魂印】This seal calls people’s souls and calls all kinds of ghosts.

37 【酆都召鬼神印】If a person is possessed or harmed by ghosts, goblins, or evil spirits, the hearts of those who are sick imprinted with this seal, all will go away.

38【仙都滋摄印】 This seal can be used by Penglai generals. Repel ghosts and demons, slay evil spirits, and ward off evil spirits.

39【总摄印】 It is used to call the ghosts and gods of the three realms.

40 【应灵摄妖玉文】Suppressing demons and ghosts, don’t get close, protect your body. It can be used with Wenchang Tianxin Jade Seal.

41【雷霆都司印】The seal of summoning the generals of the Thunder Department. Use wind and thunder to exorcise gods and monsters, slaughter demons and charms, and cure diseases and save people.

42【雷霆都司符玺】 Yuan Shi God gave it to the three cave Feixian Wu Yue Zhang Ren, whose seal was all jade. The Yellow Emperor received his seal and ascended to the heaven, Lei Gong Feng got it and became an immortal. Xu Du Xian Dezhi and Wu Meng Ding Yi led Shaoyang Lei Gong, and used the seal to illuminate his poisonous dragon. At that time, the poisonous dragon slashed with blood. The seal is touched by the corpse qi, and it slightly cracked, but it will be the same as before.

43 【三五邵阳雷公之印】Lei Ting Huo Shi said that this seal is God’s special order to send the five thunders to the house to command the five thunders, to capture the ghosts and gods of the three worlds, to use the five thunders to slay evil spirits, to cause rain with clouds, to subdue water monsters, and everything that can fly and poisonous evil spirits, point this seal where they are, and they will be destroyed naturally. All diseases of mortals can be cured with the seal of water. The five commanders of Shaoyang, officials and soldiers approved this seal to be followed.

44【都天大雷火印】This seal is used by the Gods to send down thunder to exorcise the  demons and monsters, slay demons and evil spirits, pray for rain, clear weather, and wind and snow. All diseases of ordinary people can be cured by the seal, burns can be cooled by the seal, or the sores and swellings of wind poison are immediately eliminated. When ghosts and demons see this seal, they destroy themselves.

45【雷光火文印】 is used on the record. You can call the Five Mountains, Thunder God, City God, and social order to help, wear it, and stick it on the door. Throwing into the rivers, lakes and seas, the wind can be generated on the ground. Anxious thunder and lightning to slay ghosts and destroy demons.

46 【雷火印】 It is made of gold or jujube wood, and it is painted with cinnabar. This seal is the seal of the Bawei poisonous snake. The thunder god of Guan Yufu prays for rain, and burns evil ghosts and slays water monsters. Immediately eliminate all diseases. This seal was established by Lei Bu, and its merit cannot be described.

47【雷火大将印】 This seal is used in the collection of prayers for rain in Zhentanyuan.

48 【五雷火车印】 The five thunder fire wheels are issued to summon ghosts.

49 【雷部通真达灵金玉之章】This seal is specially designed for the application and all the generals and officials of the Lei Ministry and Shaoyang Lei Gong all use this seal to give a secret signal. In the past, when General Shaoyang met the Six Waves of Heavenly Lords, he secretly sent this seal, which was passed down to this place together with Xintianjun of the Thunder Department and Chen Niwan in Hainan.

50 【禹步雷光火云大统印】 will be used for worshipping gods.

51【五雷使院印】 When the thunder method was performed, the script and the talisman were printed on it.

52【回风灭雷印式】If there is a strong wind, thunder and rain, use a seal to greet the wind, rain, thunder and lightning, and then hold your breath and silently recite the Six Ding Incantation.

53 【北帝火铃印】This seal is used to cure diseases. The method is: go to the patient, hold the seal with the left hand, and pinch the marshal with the right hand and shout. Knock the teeth and the two links again, and use the qi to lift and seal it.

54【北极驱邪院印】This seal is used to cure diseases.

55 【北极天蓬印】It can be used to subdue yin demons, severe ghosts, and exorcise evil spirits. It can be used to treat evil diseases and spells that possess ghosts.

56 【北极监杀神印】 Take charge of the gods and devils.

57 【北极大将军印】 Wearing this seal, you can subdue strong enemies, and when you fight against others, you have divine help.

58 【通灵印】This seal is the root of many spells. It can be used to attract wealth.

59【八史印】This seal is the root of many spells. It can be used to attract good fortune and others.

60 【摄鬼印】Can slay ghosts and can do strange things for all beings in the world. Can be transformative.

61【策鬼印】It can make the ruler of the society, the river and the water officer, see thousands of miles, and see the treasures of gold and jade hidden in front of the eyes.

62【召鬼印】If you want to summon ghosts and gods, hold the amulet on your left, and carry all the ghosts in the four directions and hundreds of thousands of people will come. Instant summon Ghost and Soldiers.

63【束鬼之庭延字】 is used to catch ghosts. It can be printed on the talisman or on the door, or it can be printed on the ghost-infested place. When the incantation is recited seven times, the ghost can be turned into a water ghost by entering the water, or it can be trained in the fire.

64 【禁鬼之房由字】 Use to catch ghosts. It can be printed on the talisman or on the door, or it can be printed on the ghost-infested place. When the incantation is recited seven times, the ghost can be turned into a water ghost by entering the water, or it can be trained in the fire.

65 【急催追捉印】 It is used to sending troops to dispatch talismans to urgently chase and catch ghosts and spirits. It can be used for records of debts or tracing people, etc.

66【急捉之印】The wood-carved seal of Lei Zhenzao can be used at any time. Whenever there is an urgent matter, the seal will be used to seal it, so that the practice will not be stagnant. Catch the ghosts and let them act as guards of the gods, and dare not leave the altar.

67【治都总摄之印】The ghosts and gods, immortal officials, city gods, soldiers and horses, temple officials and soldiers who govern the three worlds of heaven can be dispatched. There are many usages. For example, it is commonly used in Talisman and to send troops.

68【神虎内讳印】 is printed on the soul-calling flag. The exclusive authority of the Jade Division. It is specially printed on the spirit banner of evoking the soul. Make offerings in the Yangyao altar, and use a red bag to hold it.

69【神虎雄左印】Wear on the left elbow, used to summon the tiger god. It is also known as the Seal of Beikui Xuanfan. Make offerings in the Yangyao altar, and use a red bag to hold it.

70【神虎雌右印】Used on the right elbow, used to summon Shenhu Gong Cao, Jade Girl, etc., used in the altar. It was printed on the talisman of the official messenger, Jade Girl Gong Cao Zhen. Make offerings in the yin essence altar, and store it in a red bag after use.

71【斩邪断瘟印】 It is used to cut off the evil monsters of the plague.

72 【斩邪印】 This seal has eight million divine soldiers who follow the seal to exorcise evil spirits and slay monsters. If an altar is set up and the four sides of the altar are sealed with this seal, the evil spirits will be destroyed by themselves.

73【真武印】This seal is used on the six Ding consonance spells described in the Six Yin Cave Dunjia Incantation. The following Yin-shaped and Yang-shaped prints are the Yin and Yang shapes of their seals.

74【阴印形】This seal recalls the seal of Dingmao, Dinghou, Dinghai, and the three jade girls of Dinghai, so it belongs to Yang.

75【阳印形】 The Yang should hang on the left arm, and the Yin should be hung on the right arm. The seal is used in the night. In order to seek wealth, serve ghosts and dispel demons, pray for underground movements at night. Entering the water and entering the seclusion, everything is like the yin of the earth.

76【黄神印】It is worn for people who are cultivating in and out to protect their body. Those Taoist priests who have not taught the scriptures are generally called Xiaozhao, which is often used in conjunction with the Yuezhang seal to cut down the heavens and the earth, to help ghosts and gods, and to help the sick. Its seal is worn on the left.

77【越章印】Can subdue ten thousand demons and suppress disasters and emergencies. The wish you have been praying for will be fulfilled, and you will always wear the shadowy soldiers around your waist to help you. This seal must not be passed on to others. This seal is often worn together with the Yellow God Seal, on the right.

78【越章印】The seal can control heaven and earth, transport yin and yang, and this seal can summon all spirits.

79【天帝神咒印】It is a blessing to receive and subdue evil demons. It can be used in registers dealing with several issues.

80 【天蓬印】This seal makes people successful and ascended to heaven by the seal. If this seal is used together with the seal of 北极驱邪院印 and 北帝火铃印, it can cure all diseases, so the usage is omitted.

81【天帝神印】It can be worn for longevity, guarded by the gods, and can be used in the records of auspiciousness and longevity. In the hearts of patients, all symptoms recover quickly.

82【天罡印】This seal is printed on the paper figurine of the sick person on the first day and the second day, and the birth character and name are written on it, which can cure the disease and heal quickly.

83【天女印】This seal can make everything happen, and it is mostly used in the talisman of praying for good luck. Can make all things happen.

84 【六丁玉女印】 Anyone who wears this seal, the sword will not invade the body.

85【六丁六甲印】At the age of 90, when you enter the room, burn incense and hold the Liu Jia Seal. After reciting the Liujia Divine incantation five times, put the seal on the incense table, burn the incense at noon, and then at the time of Hai, take the names of Huxi Nu and Na Yantian Nu. The Six Jiashen seals are printed on five pieces of yellow paper, burnt to ashes, washed with clean water, and the right hand holds the seal. Smell the strange fragrance filling the room. Can make everything happen.

86【摄召万神中章】 It is used in the memorial and for of summoning the gods to go down the altar to help.

87【敕制地祗印】Call the land and city god, and wait for the seal to be dispatched to do something quickly. This seal can be used for people who call for the God of Wealth at the entrance to attract wealth and treasures, or call the Land and City God to send troops to investigate the missing or help those who want to find them.

88 【太微帝君印】 Summoning the gods and making them descend. Used on top of the register.

89 【九天玄女印】Can summon the six Ding six Jia gods to support Taoists making Talisman, to obtain the help of the gods, and can be used on Talisman at will.

90 【太玄天帝神印】It can be worn for longevity and the guardian of the gods. It can be used to obtain auspiciousness and longevity. In the hearts of patients, all symptoms recover quickly.

91 【帝君印】 It is respectable to wear, and the demons do not invade.

92 【合君印】This seal can be often used by nobles to help, and it can be auspicious in the house. It is used to change life or change the aspect of interpersonal relationship.

93【金阙化身天尊印】 The purpose of killing ghosts and exterminating evil spirits. The generals of the Thunder Department. It can be used to punish villains

94【元皇帝君印】 Suppresses all evil spirits, can change the human nature of evil, make people follow goodness, eliminate sinister and vicious thoughts, and cultivate and nourish the cause of saints. It can be used to punish villains

95 【三茅妙行圆满天君印】 It is used to ward off evil and protect one’s body with integrity. It can be used in the talisman to punish villains.

96【九老仙都印】When there is a big crisis, someone who wears the seal will help you, which can prolong your life and ward off thousands of ghosts. Swallowing with this seal can make infertile people get pregnant, drive away bad luck, and make people smart.

97【文昌天心玉文】 To ward off evil and remove demons, clear all demonic obstacles, can make people smart and make great progress, increase officials rank. It is suitable for study, promotion, and further studies. The incantation required to wear this seal.

98【紫光丹天之文】 Can make people live longer, remove the filth in the body, make people smart, and protect their lives. Can be used on the relevant registers.

99【紫光丹天印】 Also known as the Dragon Summoning Talisman, this seal is in the hands of the Thunderstorm Officer.

100 【天丁治疾病神印】 This seal belt is auspicious. It can also be used to treat diseases.

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