Who is “Bei-Ji-Da-Di” and “Chang-Shen Da-Di”?

“Bei-Ji Da-Di” , or “Zhong-Tian Zi-Wei Bei-Ji Da-Di” in full, is one of the four Heavenly Emperors, “Bei-Ji” means “the North Most”. “Bei-Ji Da-Di” helps the Jade Emperor of the Highest managing the Heavens, the stars, the earth, the sky and the seasons.

“Chang-Sheng Da-Di” or “Nan-Ji Chang-Sheng Da-Di”, is one of the Four Heavenly Emperor who is in charge of fortunes, and life spans of all human beings. The word “Chang-Sheng” means longevity in Chinese.

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  1. would you kindly give me some knowledge of the widely said Cosmic Qi/Wuji or where may I find more information please. many many thanks. Also on the information of “Monkey King” who appeared in the Journey of the West. Than you


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