What is “Wan-Fa-Zong-Tan”?

“Wan-Fa-Zong-Tan” literally means the “altar of ten thousand might”. There are four major Taoist altars; they are the Zheng-Yi Altar in Long-Hu mountain of Jiangxi Province, Shang-Qing Altar in Mao-Shan Mountain, Ling-Bao Altar in Ge-Zhao mountain, and Jing-Ming Altar in Xi-Shan Mountain.

By Yuan Dynasty, due to various reasons, the last three altars had been abolished and their functions merged with Zheng-Yi Altar in Long-Hu Mountain. After the merge, Zheng-Yi Altar changed its name to “Wan-Fa-Zong-Tan”. “Wan-Fa-Zong-Tan” is still in use today at its original location.

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