Why does Daoism promote the concept of “Bu-Zheng”?

“Bu-Zheng” means “Do not compete”. The concept in Daoism actually means one should follow the rules of nature and do not compete forcefully without proper cause.

It is a rule that everything in the universe follows and man should do so too. In the book “Lao Zi Xiang Er Zhu” it says “The saints do not compete with commoners, when competition arises, the saint retreat to the highlands”. It also says “One who is searching for eternal life does not work out himself to earn fortune and entertain the body, nor does he make contributions to the emperor to win honour and respect, and he should stay away from luxury and not compete with the commoners”. In Daoist Classic “Yun Ji Qi Jian” it says “Laozi has said that the Dao of Heaven is to nourish rather than harm; the Dao of saints is to do rather than compete. Therefore, he who competes with time will prosper; he who competes with people will perish”. Daoist who follows “Bu-Zheng” is not only for humbleness, it also a demonstration of one’s will toward goodness. With “Bu-Zheng” one can also reach success and exert influences. “Bu-Zheng” is silent yet a powerful language; it marks the height of one’s wisdom.

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