Mastering Daoist Magic Skills

Many people who learn “法術 Fa Shu”,  just learn and never ask themselves, what they are learning. Do you really understand what it means? What skills must be mastered? Is the ineffectivity of the method rooted in the lack of knowledge or skills? Have you mastered the method? Many people say, the master said that they can use it, but don’t need to understand what they are doing. The learning environment (lack of information) might be a reason and could effect the method used. If the education level is limited, the method used lacking of important parts, will not work well.

The master´s saying, “If you can use it, you can use it”,  has a deeper meaning and purpose. Many people misunderstand the true meaning of this sentence. In fact, this sentence refers to a state.

Those who learn “法術 Fa Shu” should understand some truths. Whether you want to learn a “法術 Fa Shu” or master a “法術 Fa Shu” are two different things. Learning a “法術 Fa Shu” is less demanding, but to master it is not that simple.


The term “法術 Fa Shu” is often not fully understood by practitioners. “法術 Fa Shu” is a general term of Daoist Methods or Daoist Arts. Sometimes named “道法 Dao Fa” . Many might understand it as “Magic Arts”, “Witchcraft” or “Sorcery”.   “法 Fa”, method, way, mode. “術 Shu”, skills, technique, art.  It is the “Special Skill” a Daoist practitioner can use to apply for a variety of reasons.

You must work hard to learn a variety of the sects “法術 Fa Shu” and develop deep knowledge in methods, history, applications etc. 99.9% of the people just want to learn some magic spells rather than master a “法術 Fa Shu”. The 0.1% of the people have already succeeded their “Way”, and the 99.9% of the people are still sinking in the “法海 Ocean of Methods”, and in the end they have nothing.

I don’t expect everyone who learns Daoist methods to be required to master “法術 Fa Shu”,  after all, “得道者鳳毛麟角 there are very few people who have attained the Tao”. But if you really want to master “法術 Fa Shu”, you have to demand yourself and study hard. Otherwise, if you talk about how powerful you are, at best your level is low, because you can only reach the realm of “法理不明”.


A complete “法術 Fa Shu” system should include the following “Skills” that every true practitioner must master:

1. 符 Fu (Talisman)

The structure of the talisman (符頭 talisman head、符身 talisman body、符架 talisman frame、符膽  talisman internals, 主事神 main god). The components of each symbol have its own particularity and expressiveness. When you understand the special meaning, you will understand the true meaning of the ancient people’s creation of the symbols.


2. 咒 Incantations

Incantations are sentences of varying lengths. It is also a bridge to pray to the dieties or communicate with the Immortals. It is also the mutual conversion of audio transmission and reception.

3. 手訣 Hand-Seals

Hand-Seals are the way to transmit energy and also the secret code between people and gods, and the application of Hand-Seals are the keys to the application of the “法術 Fa Shu”.

4. 踏罡步斗 Gang Stepping

Stepping is a high-level manifestation of the unity of heaven and man. The secret of “energy field exchange” between man and celestial bodies. Very few people really understand. The cooperation between man and heaven is often the key to the “法術 Fa Shu”.


5. 陣法 Zhen Fa (Formation Method)

When the opponent’s energy is strong and one owns is weak, the formation method is a good way of borrowing force. It is also a good way to win any “battle”.

6. 諱令 Secret Orders

“諱令 Secret Orders” is a wide range of “Characters”, including 誥、令、地會、金字、篆、花字、符膽. These are also part of the core content of the “法術 Fa Shu”. To understand the function of the “諱令 Secret Orders” is to understand the essence of “法術 Fa Shu”.

7. 文疏 Holy Registers

“文疏 Holy Registers” are an important part of Taoist culture. The effective communication between man and heaven, practitioner and dieties, and it is one of the important ways to solve things.

8. 內修Internal Cultivation

The application of any “法術 Fa Shu” is ultimately a question of the level of “內修Internal Cultivation”. Without the support of internal cultivation the “法術 Fa Shu” cannot be developed.

9. 易學 Yi studies

It can be said that the level of “易學 Yi studies” determines the level of the priest. A priest who does not understand “易學 Yi studies” has a limited level. In the field of “法術 Fa Shu”, “易學 Yi studies” runs through the entire system. Without “易學 Yi studies”, it is impossible to practice “法術 Fa Shu” well.

Written by 玄門君XuanMenJun

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  1. Merci de cet éclairage. La route est longue ; il y a beaucoup à apprendre. Un pas après l’autre, je capte ce que je peux avec mes moyens et mon état du jour.

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