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Liu Chengyong, President of the German Daoist Association, was invited to the sub-forum “Religious Harmony and Mutual Learning between Civilizations” of the “Boao Forum for Asia” Annual Conference 2023

On 31. March 2023 the annual conference 2023 of the “Boao Forum for Asia” was held successfully in Boao, Hainan. Liu, Chengyong, President of the German Daoist Association, was invited by the “China religious culture communication association” to the sub-forum “Religious Harmony and Mutual Learning between Civilizations” of the “Boao Forum for Asia”. “Annual Conference 2023 in Boao, Hainan.

“Boao Forum for Asia” (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization dedicated to promoting economic integration in Asia and the joint development of Asian countries. Since its inception more than twenty years ago, it has received broad support from Asian countries and attracted the attention of the world, becoming a high-level platform for dialogue on important Asian and global issues between representatives of governments, business and science in Asia and other continents.

The theme of the annual conference of the “Boao Forum for Asia” 2023 is “An uncertain world: agreement for cooperation, openness for development” History and reality have taught us that humanity is a community of destiny. The peaceful coexistence of religions is an essential part of building a community of destiny for humanity. Exchange and mutual appreciation between different religions and civilizations is the only way to peaceful coexistence between religions. The idea of Chinese civilization that “all things grow together” is a truly egalitarian and tolerant attitude towards other civilizations and testifies to China’s determination and sincerity to pursue the path of peaceful development and promote the construction of a human community of destiny.

The sub-forum “Religious Harmony and Mutual Learning of Civilizations” with the theme “All things go together on the way to reach a new level of mutual appreciation of human civilization” invited representatives of Chinese and foreign religions, to discuss exchange and mutual appreciation between religions and civilizations. The wisdom of the East and the West includes all rivers and is cultivated in parallel to reach a new level of human civilization.

Religion is a medium of faith without borders, and a corresponding religious exchange helps to build trust between nations; Timely mutual appreciation of civilizations can help build strong cooperative relations between nations. Religion is an integral and important part of Asian culture. Discussions on religious issues are essential if integration and cooperation between Asian countries is to be promoted.

Four guests attended the Subforum Religion: Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, President of the Hainan Buddhist Association and Abbot of Hongfa Temple in Shenzhen, Nanshan Temple in Sanya and Chinese Monastery in Nepal, great monk Yin Shun. The Buddhist Association of Hainan Province led by monk Yin Shun, who is also one of the organizers of our religious sub-forum; Daoist Liu, Chengyong, President of the German Daoist Association, Mr Elias, Secretary General of the Latin American Council of Religions for Peace, and Nergui Saibuyan, Abbot of Myocen Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Daoist master Liu, Chengyong loved Chinese martial arts and maintaining health since childhood. After learning Chinese, he learned Wudang martial art in Wudang Mountain. 2012, fate struck him and became a disciple of Master Ren, Zongquan (Vice President of the Daoist Association in Hubei Province, Vice President of the Wuhan Daoist Association and “Jian Yuan” of “Wuhan Da Dao Guan”, student of the 23. Generation of the Quanzhen Dragon Gate School) and became a monk in Wuhan Daoist Temple and became the 24. Generation students of Quanzhen Dragon Gate School. His Daoist name is Chengyong. He follows the practice of Dao Master Ren Zongquan, learns the ritual music and the inner alchemy of the Quanzhen School. After returning from China, he worked tirelessly to promote the Dao in Europe and worldwide, and built the first Daoist temple in Germany “Yuzhen Temple”, students accepted and preached and also founded the first Laozi Daoist College in Germany.

Report by 大道传经Da Dao Chuan Jing,

Translated by Fan Xin Rui (German Daoist Association)

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