The three treasures of Dao

In a classic text it says: a Daoist has three treasures that are sacred to him, which he respects and protects.

Daoist practice begins with recognizing and learning the principles of Dao. Once you understand the principles, you can begin cultivating the Dao. After cultivating the Dao, one can begin to live the Dao and let the Dao live through you.

In practice, we begin by studying the classical scripts and sutras. There is much wisdom in these scriptures, and the more we read them, the more we understand them. In the best case, we will find a suitable teacher who shows us the way and is available to answer any questions.

Dao Jiao San Qing – The Three Divine Clarities: Dao De Tian Zun, Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Ling Bao Tian Zun (from left to right)

The three treasures of learning Dao:




The meaning of the three characters:

Dao is everything. The beginning of heaven and earth, the source and appearance of the ten thousand things. Dao is in every being. Often translated as path, however, it is much more than just a path that you walk. The sign contains many secrets and refers to the basic principles of Daoist practice.

Jing is the teaching that we learn and experience by studying the classical scriptures. These scriptures are often difficult to understand, especially since we come from a different culture. However, since texts have always been written metaphorically in Daoist culture, the understanding of the meanings of these metaphors grows over time and / or one is instructed in them by a teacher.

Shi is the master who shows you the way, who guides you and teaches Daoist practice. In the event of difficulties, it opens up solutions until you are able to go the way yourself.

The three treasures of Dao cultivation:





The meaning of the three characters:

Jing is the vitality, the life force that is in us. It is the root of essence and life. The body of flesh and blood. When cultivating, one should always make sure that vitality is not lost.

Qi is energy, physical movement, activity and transformation. Speech and perception. It is the use of the body, the gateway to life and death.

Shen is the quickening spirit, he is the light in the eyes, the thought in the heart. He is the silent mover, the guide of vitality and energy, the spiritual power.

In a classic it says: The essence transforms into energy, the energy transforms into the invigorating spirit, the invigorating spirit transforms into emptiness, the emptiness becomes one with the Dao.

In practice, we follow this principle and cultivate essence, qi and mind. Although the order of cultivation is from gross to subtle, the three treasures never exist independently of one another.

Living the three treasures of Dao:





The meaning of the three characters:

Ci is goodness, humanity and mercy. Compassion for other people. Be humble and help others when we can without expecting anything in return.

Jian is simplicity. Be satisfied with what you have right now and not be jealous of others, because profit or loss cloud the spirit and are not permanent. It can happen at any time that you suddenly lose everything you have and if you get too attached to things, it affects our senses.

Rang is giving in, letting others take precedence, calmly facing things and not putting yourself above others.

In a Taoist classic it says: If you want to go the way of the immortals, you should go the way of the people first. If one cannot walk the path of men, how can one walk the path of immortals?

Therefore, we should always think about how our actions could affect others or, in the worst case, harm them. When we are in a conflict or arguing with someone, we often see things only from our perspective. But we should remain optimistic and understand the others and their point of view. The wiser gives in.

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