Liu Chengyong: My Cultivation Journey and Taoism in Germany

On the evening of November 27, 2023, at 7:30 PM, the sixteenth session of the Da Dao Lecture Hall’s special lecture was successfully launched.

The special lecture invited Liu Chengyong, member of the board of the World Taoist Federation and president of the German Taoist Association, to speak on the topic “My Cultivation Journey and Taoism in Germany,” conducted both online and offline.

The lecture was hosted by Vice Director Wei Gaoling of the Wuhan Da Dao Guan office.

Liu Chengyong, member of the board of the World Taoist Federation, president of the German Taoist Association, abbot of the Xi Ji Da Dao Guan Dao Temple in Germany, Director of the German Laozi Academy and the German Wudang Cultural Center, lives in China for many years, studying and teaching. In 2016, he established the German Taoist Association in Hannover, Germany.

Through years of exchanges with the China Taoist Association, Hubei Wudang Mountain Taoist Association, and the Wuhan Grand Dao Temple, Liu Chengyong has promoted exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany in the fields of religion and culture.

Using photographs from different periods, Liu Chengyong recounted his experiences in Wudang Mountain, China, including his journey from martial arts to Taoism, seeking guidance from masters, and spreading Taoism overseas. Despite the challenges, his perseverance and courage have yielded fruitful results. He actively promotes excellent Taoist traditional culture overseas, organizing events such as Taoist lectures, cultural exchanges, and the promotion of Taoist classics. This has attracted an increasing number of Western Taoists to learn about and join Taoism, playing a significant role in the overseas dissemination of Taoism and Chinese traditional culture.

Through his sharing, we deeply feel Liu Chengyong’s passion for Chinese Taoist and traditional culture, witnessing the recognition of ancient Taoist culture after crossing the seas.

Though the path is long, Liu’s experiences will inspire us to persevere. All members of the Wuhan Da Dao Guan and this year’s Gao Gong class students gathered at the Da Dao Lecture Hall to listen attentively, erupting into enthusiastic applause. With over 200 online participants via Tencent Meeting, Liu Chengyong’s standard Chinese, lively and interesting teaching style received unanimous praise.

Article by Zhang Xinjin , Wuhan Da Dao Guan

Translated by Fan Xin Rui

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