1. Planning Meeting for the Taoist Culture Festival in Hamburg

The central focus of the planning meeting was to coordinate the Taoist Culture Festival in Hamburg.

In attendance were Taoist Master Liu Chengyong, the President of the German Taoist Association, Taoist Fan Xinrui, as well as individuals interested in Chinese culture, including Dr. Marc Thursby, university scholar Andreas, and the editor Tan Lvping of Huashang Newspaper (Chinesische Handelszeitung). The meeting took place at “Yu Garden” in Hamburg, with the primary objective being the arrangements for the Taoist Culture Festival scheduled for this Oktober. Throughout the meeting, the participants discussed various plans, delving into the content, organizational logistics, and strategies for promoting the culture festival. Moreover, Taoist Master Liu Chengyong enriched the attendees’ understanding of Taoist culture by sharing his knowledge on “Ba Zi” (Eight Characters) and health preservation.

Article written by Fan Xin Rui

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