Holy Medicine – 圣药 Shèng Yào

Is it possible to heal diseases with spiritual healing methods? Or is there a method to speed up the recovery after one got sick? We introduce an assisting treatment based on Daoist Medicine. Daoists in ancient times practiced rituals and spiritual healing to assist the treatments of even the worst of diseases.

Holy Medicine – 圣药 Shèng Yào

圣药 Shèng Yào is the term used to describe holy medicine and in this case the Spiritual Healing through the 三光 Sān Guāng, Great Light of Sun, Moon and Heaven. The priest is praying to the deities to receive the power to heal the infected and speed up recovery of the COVID infection.

When creating holy water, so called 三光神水 Sān guāng shén shuǐ (Three Lights Holy Water) with a special Talisman ritual, the priest empowers the water with Spiritual Healing Power. Water can be “programmed” to carry spiritual healing energy and if given to patients it can help the healing process. It can also be used in other ways, to expel evil, clean from bad energies,  etc.

The Holy Water can be given to the patients directly or is delivered over long-distance through Qi-Energy transmission during the ritual. This ritual can prevent a hard course during the infection and leave even patients with pre-existing illnesses with no or only light symptoms.

Daoist Healing Magic

Cultivating Daoist skills need a lot of practice, patience and trust, in Chinese it is called 下功夫 Xià Gōng Fū. One needs to practice for a long time, with patience and passion and with the right method to achieve high skills such as spiritual healing, exorcism, etc.

The Daoist Canon includes many scriptures and methods of Dao Cultivation. Many healing methods and longevity practices. In order to receive the transmission of the teachings a Daoist practitioner first has to “皈依三宝 Guī yī sān bǎo”, convert to Daoism and the Three Treasures (三宝 Sān Bǎo). The Three Treasures are 道 Dào, 经 Jīng and 师 Shī, which means the Dao, the Scriptures and the Master. The Three Treasures are represented by the 三清 Sān qīng “Three Clarities” ; 元始天尊 Yuánshǐ tiānzūn,灵宝天尊 Líng bǎo tiānzūn,道德天尊 Dàodé tiānzūn as highest deities.

After converting to Daoism, the practitioner is able to receive the transmission and learn the methods and practices. Spiritual treatments will work best if the patient converted, since the true believe will support the treatment even more.

Many refer to magic when it comes to spiritual rituals. They use the term magic because it is something not easy to explain. If one understands the principles and the way, the magic is simply the result of Daoist skill cultivation. “If the method is right, the outcome will be great. ” – Liu Shifu says. “Without any true transmission or a masters teachings, the methods will lead to nothing good.” One can not learn methods from books or the internet. Finding a good teacher is the first step to start the Daoist cultivation.  The second step is to receive the true transmission. The third step is cultivation. Yin Fu Jing states: Practice is a continuously progress without break or steps backwards.

Patients said about the treatment:

Gabe says: “I got various pre-existing illnesses like allergies and heart condition. Liu Shifu did the healing ritual for several days after I told him I was infected. Everyone in my family was afraid of a heavy course the disease could take with my pre-conditions, but I trust the Daoist spiritual healing and it worked well.”

Xiao Fan says: “After I got infected in school and tested positive on Monday, I asked Liu Shifu for help and he promised to start the healing ritual on the next day for the next three days. I felt very light and other than my classmates I wasn´t sleepy at all and had no symptoms. After 3 days I tested negative and I believe the healing ritual did work well.”

Author: Da Dao Jun 大道君

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