Birthday of the Xuantian Emperor pilgrimage event

The third day of the third lunar month is the birthday of Xuan Tian Shang Di and the Taoist community of Taiwan and China Mainland had a successful pilgrimage to the Wudang Mountain.

Birthday of the Ancestor

On April 22, 2023, the third day of the third lunar month, is the birthday of the main god worshiped in Wudang Mountain – the Xuanwu Ancestor. The Xuanwu Ancestor is also known as the Xuantian Emperor, the God of Blessing, the Jade Void Teacher, the Golden Gate Incarnation, and the Demon-Expelling Heavenly Sovereign, etc. For a long time, the Xuanwu Ancestor has been endowed with rich connotations, such as great compassion and mercy, saving and helping the needy, protecting the country and benefiting the people, guiding and saving the masses, and punishing evil and promoting good, and is well-known and respected by the Taoist believers.

Statue of Patriarch in Zixiao Hall


The Xuanwu Emperor is good at utilizing all things, and is loving and caring towards the people. The classics of Xuan Emperor recorded in “Daozang,” “Xu Wen Xian Tong Kao,” ” The Complete Collection of Searching for the Divine in Three Teachings,” ” Records of the Immortals Throughout the Successive Dynasties,” and other books. There are also many legends and miraculous stories about the Xuan Emperor’s background, cultivation, ascension, demon-expelling, saving the world, and being honored in folklore.



Sharing the Blessings of the Deity

The Xuantian Emperor is a well-known deity in the world of gods and immortals. Wudang Mountain is the place where the Xuanwu Emperor is worshipped. The belief in the Xuanwu Ancestor is widely spread in China and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia.

This “Pilgrimage and Cultural Seminar of the Taoist Community on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait and the Xuantian Emperor” held on Wudang Mountain invited Taoist believers and friends from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Based on the requirements of the new era, it deeply excavated the spiritual values of the Daoist culture hidden in Xuan Emperor culture, such as natural Dao – “Dao Fa Zi Ran”, unity of heaven and man, harmony and love, benefiting society and the people, honesty and goodness, and so on. It is of great significance to deepen the implementation of the Chinese government’s important discourse on religious work and the spirit of the National Religious Work Conference, promote the sinicization of Taoism, and enhance the spiritual connection and promote national unity and world peace between the Taoist communities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


Pilgrimage and Blessing

On the morning of the third day of the lunar new year, the Ancestral Worship Group followed the ceremonial team to walk to the Zixiao Palace.

The Ancestral Worship Ceremony was held at the Zixiao Palace on Wudang Mountain, hosted by Abbot Wu Chengzhen of Changchun Temple in Wuhan, who is also the president of the Hubei Taoist Association.


Before the ceremony, Liu Wenguo, the president of the Wudang Mountain Taoist Association, delivered a welcoming speech.

Li Guangfu, the president of the China Taoist Association, gave a speech and expressed his sincere greetings to the Taoist friends from Taiwan on behalf of the China Taoist Association. He also mentioned that the Ancestral Worship Ceremony and the Xuantian Emperor Cultural Seminar for the Taoist communities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait had played a positive role in promoting friendly cooperation and enhancing the mutual understanding and identity between the two sides.

Before the ceremony began, representatives from Taiwan’s temples led the Ancestral Worship Group to recite the “Ancestral Worship Text” together.


Following the Taoist ritual protocol, the Ancestral Worship Group held an offering and paid respect to the ancestors.

During the ceremony, the congregation prayed devoutly, wishing for longevity, national stability, social harmony, and peace for all. They also prayed for the ancestor’s blessings to benefit all living beings and relieve them from confusion.

In addition, the Cross-Strait Taoist Community Association and the Xuantian Emperor Cultural Seminar were held at the Junlan Resort Hotel at the foot of the mountain under the theme of “sharing the blessings of the Xuan Emperor and promoting friendly cooperation between the Taoist communities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait”.



Treasured Proclamation by Xuan Tian Shang Di

With the greatest devotion of the turning-of-life ceremony

The original state of the six heavens, the hierarchical one that transmits the teaching. He cultivated perfection and became enlightened, sustained and saved hordes of the lost. Everywhere he eliminates the catastrophes for the multitude of living beings. 82 incarnations, patriarch of the three teachings. Of great benevolence and great compassion, save the suffering and save the troubled. Chief in charge of guarding three originals, the Nine Skies patrol commander. On the left the heavenly spirits of the sacred North Pole, on the right the Great Generals of the Stars. If he protects the heavens and supports the order, Zhen Wu the spirit of effectiveness from blessed virtue for the good of the world, benevolent and faithful of genuine determination and righteousness. The true Lord who maintains happiness, the Godhead who administers the world’s blessings. Patriarch of the Jade Void, the emperor of the mysterious skies of the north. Incarnation of the Golden Palace, the highest king of heaven, who defeated demons.

Source: Wudangshan Taoist Association

Translation & Editing: Xin Rui (German Daoist Association)

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