2023 Tai Sui 太岁 – What should we do or avoid during the coming year?

A change in Tai Sui太岁 basically means moving into a new year. Energies have shifted, which also means one’s Ba Zi 八字 chart has changed. At the end of the day, which zodiac ‘offends’ the Grand Duke of the year, is simply understanding the Branch interactions in Ba Zi.

Offending the Tai Sui is referring to the zodiac we are born under, which is represented by the year pillar in our Ba Zi charts. The year pillar holds a very important position in one’s astrological chart and is seen as the absolute foundation of our lives and it determines your starting point in life.

People under the Rooster zodiac will likely feel 2022’s effects the most.

The most common remedies to a Fan Tai Sui year would be to pray to the Tai Sui or wear a Tai Sui talisman personalized to them. If one is Fan Tai Sui be prepared for some significant event to happen, especially if you “clash” with the Tai Sui because the effects of “clashes” are the most salient. Something about your environment will definitely change.

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What zodiac is offending Tai Sui the coming year of 2023?

In the year of the Rabbit following zodiac signs will offend the Tai Sui – “Fan Tai Sui”  犯太岁:

– Rooster in clash 沖 with Tai Sui

– Rat in punishment 刑 with Tai Sui

– Dragon in harm 害 with Tai Sui

– Horse in destruction 破 with Tai Sui

– Rabbit itself sits on Tai Sui or is “on duty” Tai Sui 值太岁


Not afraid of obstacles, break through self

When the fortune is against the Tai Sui, Rooster people will have many twists and turns in 2023, and there will be many twists and turns in order to achieve their goals in life and career. It is a year of worrying and tiring, but it is also a year in which Rooster people could break through the restrictions in adversity: No matter how difficult things are, if they can use their ingenuity to deal with them, they can be solved , and they will be given more opportunities to move forward. Just be careful not to go too far, don’t play tricks, be careful and good things will turn into bad things.

The love luck is not high, and you need to open your heart to meet the person you like, participate in more gatherings organized by relatives and friends, and expand the scope of making friends. Career luck is bitter and sweet, and the second half of the year will usher in a period of improvement. Wealth luck is relatively stable. Although it is hard to make money, hard work can keep your treasury safe. Take care of your health to prevent contagious diseases when the seasons change.


Be careful to avoid disasters

People who belong to the rat will be sentenced to Tai Sui in 2023, and there will be many accidents, so we cannot be too cautious. Especially in matters such as signing a contract or negotiating with others, you must be more careful. This year is prone to contract disputes or official troubles. Although there are ups and downs in fortune, if people who belong to the rat can maintain a positive attitude, communicate with others in a friendly way, and release more good intentions, they can also resist disasters and improve their luck.

If you are overwhelmed by desire without careful investigation, you will easily be entangled in bad relationships, and there is a risk of being victimized by your love style. Wealth luck is good for those who have stable jobs or office workers who work on large platforms, but not good enough for those who run businesses or are engaged in the financial industry. Healthy life is good, the autoimmunity is in good condition, and the chance of disease attack is not high.


Not easy to develop, too much talk is wrong

People born under the sign of the dragon will experience many obstacles in their actions during this year of Tai Sui, especially in new affairs, such as taking over new work tasks and expanding new network resources, they are more likely to encounter obstacles. It is easy to make enemies this year, so you should pay more attention to your words and deeds, and avoid talking behind other peoples back. The luck in the first half of the year is stronger than that in the second half of the year, and those who are more favorable to the dragon will overcome difficulties and seize opportunities. The luck of 2nd and 5th months of the lunar calendar will be high, and it is suitable to carry out important affairs.

Lot of trouble to heat up the love fortune. The overall career status is stable, but the development momentum is insufficient. If you want to be promoted, you must continue to make breakthroughs and mobilize your enthusiasm. Although the positive wealth luck is low, the partial wealth luck is still a little bright. In terms of physical health, beware of emotional dragging down the body.


Accumulate good merits, bring happiness to yourself and others

Horse zodiac people will be lucky in 2023 when the Tai Sui is destroyed and there are many potential disasters this year. If the usual things are not in place, you must be careful to bring big troubles to yourself in the future; the conflicts accumulated before will easily break out in this year. Horse zodiac people must pay attention to misfortunes coming out of their mouths, especially when talking to new acquaintances and people who are not close enough, they need to be more reserved, more tactful and less troublesome. In this year, you should abide by the rules in dealing with people and doing things, and enjoy helping others more. You can accumulate good merits for yourself, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and act more smoothly.

This year’s love fortune is not affected by the Tai Sui, and the relationships for singles and couples are not bad. However, the career luck is somewhat low, there are not many opportunities for career development, and it is not easy to find a job. It is better to be conservative in seeking wealth, than to develop new wealth and enter new fields. Beware of being deceived. In terms of health, pay more attention to adverse changes in the spleen, stomach, teeth and respiratory system.


Hiding and dormant, breaking through once

People born under the rabbit zodiac coincide with the year of the Tai Sui, so they will have bad luck, troublesome things, frequent gossip and hard work. Although fortunes in all aspects have been disturbed and destroyed, there are still opportunities for a reversal. This year there will be auspicious stars to reduce troubles and burdens. Those who are born with rabbits can take the opportunity to reserve energy, keep a low profile and accumulate wealth when they are relaxed this year, and wait for others. When the time comes, rabbit will make a great comeback and reverse his bad luck. The fortune is high in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, and it will be more effective to act on important things in this month.

This year´s road to love is not easy. The career luck is weak,  it is okay to cope with daily work needs or the skills and tasks you have mastered, but it is difficult to successfully complete new or difficult tasks. Wealth luck is easily affected by poor performance in career. In terms of health, it is easy to have bad feelings, so this year, we should exercise, pay attention to seasonal supplements, improve physical fitness and protect our health

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