How to convert to Daoism?

Ordinary believers often ask how to convert to Daoism. If they don’t know how to, there is no opportunity or there is no suitable master to guide them. Many people face these difficulties. There is another way in Daoism, Self-Converting 自皈依.

At the moment when you decide to take refuge in the Three Treasures of the Dao, Scripture and Master, you are already complete in the nature of the Dao, and there is no difference between you and other Daoists.

皈依道 Taking refuge in Dao is taking refuge in the infinite Dao,  it is the origin of all things in the universe.

皈依经 Taking refuge in the Scriptures is the thirty-six venerable scriptures (三十六部尊经). The Dao has no form. The scriptures of the three caves teach the Dao, and people practice according to the scriptures.

皈依师 Taking refuge in the Master, is the refuge in th the great master Xuanzhong, namely Taishang Laojun. Laojun was born in the eternal void, transforms naturally, has infinite wisdom, great holiness. His shape is unpredictable and his name is boundless. Later manifested as Lao Zi, who wrote five thousand words and passed it on to future generations.

After reciting and taking refuge in the Daoist scriptures, you are already a Daoist in terms of Daoism. Then you can go to find a master in this world (there are true and false hearted cultivators, some obvious and some hidden, some false in truth, some true in false. There is bitterness in sweetness, and sweetness in bitterness.  All kinds of opportunities lie ahead.

There are predestined relationships depending on one´s personal fate to meet an enlightened master. On the other hand, our fate is in our own hands. Through self-study, self-cultivation and self-guidance, we cultivate Dao and practice Daoism. Experience hard work, experience nature, and agree with non-action.

The purpose of taking refuge is that one´s body and mind returning home.

Following is the text of Self-Converting, which can be followed or replied to:

Disciple XXX, living in this world, worships the Dao, wants to cultivate the truth, follow the Dao, and transcend everything.

Today, I am committed to surrender, with sincerity:

Taking refuge in the supreme treasure of the Dao, I wish all sentient beings, to always serve the Heavenly Venerate and escape from reincarnation forever.

Taking refuge in the unsurpassed scriptures, I wish that all beings, living in this world, will hear the true teachings.

Taking refuge in the Supreme Master, I wish all sentient beings, to learn the best and not fall into wrong views.

After I took refuge, the ancestors will protect me, fate will guide me, I have a share in true cultivation, and there will be no demons on my path.


Congratulations, you are a Daoist!

After converting to Daoism, our next steps should be to find a master and become his/her disciple, in order to receive the transmission of the scriptures and teachings, and start cultivating.

Written by 玄門君XuanMenJun


  1. How do I seek master in my area? I am living in Tucson, Arizona. Is there anyone who is willing to become my master through online?

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