How do Talisman (符) work for us?

Talisman(符)is one of the most important subjects in Daoism Practises. And is one of the basic exercise for Orthodox Daoist Priest. In Daoism terms,Fulu(符箓)is mentioned.
Fulu is a combination word from Chinese“符箓”.

Fu means Talisman,Lu means a document that have Talismans and scriptures with in. Fulu is use widely in Daoism practises. Some can heal sickness,some can expel evils and some can stop natural disaster.
Fulu is important for Daoist Priest when doing rituals,it can be use on the documents and letters for delivery to the heaven,it can be use for saving souls from purgatory,it can be hanging around the altar for stabilize the establishment for ceremony(道场)to prevent the invasion of the evil energy.
But most widely seen for Fulu,is the talisman for safe and good luck.
Why is that working? Why a piece of Daoism Talisman can bring me good luck?
Use Tianshi Fu(天师符) as example.
Before making a Fu,the priest is require to lent for couple of days.(fasting,keep the priest’s soul pure without eating meat and special foods)
And the priest will open the altar and expelling negative energy.(开坛与净坛) Then,the priest will calling the gods and goddesses’ name for notify them that today need to make talisman and pray for helping.
After that, the priest will summon heavenly generals,because the Tianshi Fu are the Fu of generals. If the priest will make General Wang Talisman,then he/she require to summon General Wang.
Before writing,the Priest will put his/her Origin Dao Energy(先天一气)on the Talisman, and begin to write. During writing the Talisman,chanting spells quietly is needed.
Finishing with writing all the secret power character at the bottom of Fu,the priest will put more Qi(type of energy) inside Fu.
Finally, the Priest will put special stamp on top of the Talisman. And this Talisman is ready to go.
A Fu contains the energy of gods and goddesses,the energy of priest,and the energy of the icon itself.
So all these energy combine and become a great positive energy field that can help you with all kinds of aspects.
And Talisman itself represent the god or goddess himslef/herself,you will automatically receive blessing.
To be continue。。。
Author: 南绎先生 Nan Yi Xian Sheng

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