Who is Grand Master Qiu ChangChun?



Qiu Chang Chun is a student of Wang Chong Yang the founder Quan-Zhen Taoism. Qiu himself is the founder of Long Meng Taoism Sect (Dragon Gate Taoist Sect), one of the mostly influential Taoist branches. Grand Master Qiu went through extreme hardship during his time of learning which made him extremely knowledgeable in Tao, and extremely high in the realization of the Tao.


In the year 1220, Grand Master Qiu Chang Chun and his 18 followers were invited to make a long journey to visit the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan. During this meeting, Genghis Khan asked about the principles for managing a nation. Grand Master Qiu Chang Chun answered with “cleanse the mind, limit the desires, maintain purity and tranquility, and do nothing out of the course of nature”. Grand master Qiu Chang Chun had also advised Genghis Khan to encourage filial piety in the society and to curb people’s desire. He had suggested to the ruler to avoid killing as much as possible although it was a time of war. These words were well taken by Genghis Khan. Grand master Qiu Chang Chun was thereafter being conferred the honorable title of “Shen Xian”(immortal) and the position as Head Master to lead all Taoist associations in the country. Genghis Khan had also granted all Taoist priests the privilege of not paying any tax.

In the year 1227, Genghis Khan changed the White Cloud Temple to its current name and bestowed it to Grand Master Qiu Chang Chun in addition to many more privileges. Due the strong patronage by Genghis Khan, Quan-Zhen Taoism grew rapidly and soon became the largest and most influential Taoist tradition.

Quan-Zhen Daoism believes that a Taoist should renounce the secular world by converting himself to priesthood, practising abstinence, cleansing the self and pursuing Taoist Enlightenment.

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