What is Bai Tai Sui 拜太岁 ?

Bai Tai Sui 拜太岁, Worshipping the Tai Sui is an act of devout believers seeking the protection of divine beings, praying for the peace and smoothness of their family, the prosperity of their careers, and well-being and longevity.

What is Tai Sui?

Tai Sui, also known as the Tai Sui Star Lord or Tai Sui God, is the deity in charge of worldly affairs for a particular year. It is associated with celestial bodies and is one of the gods venerated in Daoism and widely worshipped in folk traditions.

Tai Sui is rotated among sixty celestial generals, each representing a year in the sixty-year cycle known as the Sexagenary cycle. They are collectively referred to as the Sixty Jiazi Gods, with a new god assigned each year.

During these sixty years, a celestial being is dispatched annually to oversee the blessings and misfortunes of the mortal realm, as well as the fortune and misfortune of those born in that particular year.

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What is “offending Tai Sui”?

The year of one’s birth is referred to as the “natal year Tai Sui,” bringing blessings for one’s entire life. Each subsequent year is governed by the “annual Tai Sui” or “current-year Tai Sui,” influencing the individual’s fortune for that year.

“Offending Tai Sui” occurs when the “natal year´s Tai Sui” (the Tai Sui corresponding to one’s birth year) clashes, conflicts, harms, or disrupts with the “annual Tai Sui” (the Tai Sui corresponding to the zodiac sign of the current year).

Those whose zodiac signs offend Tai Sui in their birth year may experience various unfavorable consequences, such as financial losses or setbacks in their careers, during that particular year,

Therefore, individuals with zodiac signs that offend Tai Sui are advised to resolve the Tai Sui’s influence with a Daoist Ritual to resolve the issues “化太岁”.

You are effected if you are born in the year of:








More information about the zodiac signs offending Tai Sui this year

1. **Year of the Dragon – Confronting the Yearly Tai Sui in 2024**
Definition: When one’s Chinese zodiac sign matches the zodiac sign of the current year, it is considered “confronting Tai Sui,” indicating a potential offense against the Tai Sui deity for that year.
Impact: Those confronting Tai Sui may experience health issues, fluctuating fortunes, and should guard against accidents. In the Year of the Dragon, it is advised to maintain a low profile, avoid conflicts, prioritize stability, and refrain from risky investments.

2. **Year of the Dog – Clashing with Tai Sui in 2024**
Definition: Signifying conflict or opposition, “clashing with Tai Sui” occurs when an individual’s zodiac sign clashes with the ruling zodiac sign of the year.
Impact: Those clashing with Tai Sui may face sudden illnesses, fluctuating fortunes, and financial losses. Among the Tai Sui clashes, the clash with Tai Sui is the strongest, requiring individuals to interact with others with caution, avoiding aggressiveness to prevent mutual harm.

3. **Year of the Ox – Breaking Tai Sui in 2024**
Definition: Indicating a sense of heartlessness or depletion, “breaking Tai Sui” occurs when an individual’s zodiac sign disrupts the harmony with the zodiac sign ruling the year.
Impact: Those breaking Tai Sui may experience damaged relationships, financial decline, and entanglements in conflicts. Generally, the impact of breaking Tai Sui is milder, advising individuals to be cautious and optimistic, and to stay vigilant.

4. **Year of the Rabbit – Harming Tai Sui in 2024**
Definition: Signifying disharmony or harm, “harming Tai Sui” occurs when an individual’s zodiac sign clashes with the zodiac sign ruling the year.
Impact: Those harming Tai Sui may face unexpected injuries, malicious plots, and emotional wounds. It is crucial to act with caution, maintain a low profile, and avoid undue trust in others. Remaining rational and vigilant is advised to counter manipulation and misguidance.

What to do when you are clashing with Tai Sui?

Yu Zhen Guan is offering Ceremony to honour this years “Tai Sui太岁“ (Grand Duke)

Praying for protection, avoid calamities and disaster to have a smooth year without problems.

If a person is clashing with this years Tai Sui (犯太岁), it is strongly recommended to make this ceremony to avert disasters and bad luck.

During the ceremony, the priest prepares and consecrates a personalized 太岁符 Tai Sui Talisman for protection.

We will send the talisman and instructions to you by post.

Service includes:

Bai Tai Sui Ceremony at 遇真观 Yu Zhen Guan Dao-Temple on 20th January

-incl. 5 offerings (Fruits, Holy Water, Huang Bao, etc.), a special Holy Petition, Tai Sui Talisman for protection

Registration starts now.

REGISTER for the Ceremony HERE

The ceremony can be for one or for more people. If you would like to include family members, friends, etc. please register for the ceremony for each person. Every person will have personalized holy petitions and offerings.

Please register with complete name, births-date and address.

Contact us for questions or special inquiries by Email: info@daostudies.com


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