The Nine Qi 九炁

九炁 Nine Qi refer to the 三炁 three Qi of 玄 Xuan, 元 Yuan and 始 Shi that are born from 大羅天 Dai Luo Heaven. The three Qi of Xuan, Yuan, and Shi each generate three Qi, which are combined into nine Qi: 混氣 Hùn qì, 洞氣 dòng qì, 皓氣hào qì, 旻氣mín qì, 景氣jǐng qì, 遁氣dùn qì, 融氣 róng qì, 炎氣 yán qì, 演氣yǎn qì.  (“太清玉冊 – 卷八” Tai Qing Jade Volume – Scroll Eight).

According to《洞真太上八素真經精耀三景妙訣》Nine Qi also refer to the nine different colors of Qi emitted by the Big Dipper Nine Stars: 陽明Yang Ming exhales 青氣 light blue Qi, 阴精 Yin Jing exhales 黑氣 black Qi, 真人 Zhen Ren exhales 黃氣 yellow Qi, 玄冥 Xuan Ming exhales 赤氣 red Qi, 丹元 Dan Yuan exhales 白氣 white Qi, 北極 Bei Ji exhales 綠氣 green Qi, 天關 Tian Jie exhales 絳氣 purple Qi, 輔星 Fu Xing exhales 碧氣 blue Qi, and 弼星 Bi Xing exhales 玄氣 dark Qi.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) various diseases are caused by 怒 anger, 喜 joy, 悲 sadness, 恐 fear, 寒 cold, 熱 heat, 驚 fright, 勞 fatigue, and 思 thinking.

《道樞》, Volume 37, Chapter:《神篇》says: “All diseases are caused by Qi.  When angry, Qi rises; Joy slows Qi; Sadness, Qi disappears; Fear, Qi goes down; Cold, Qi withdraws; Heat, Qi is vented; Qi is disturbed when frightened; Qi is exhausted when working hard, and Qi becomes stagnant when thinking too much.

Further the TCM describes nine factors that connect to a woman’s libido. Lung Qi, Heart Qi, Spleen Qi, Kidney Qi, Bone Qi, Tendon Qi, Blood Qi, Internal Qi. Original texts refer to Liver Qi as the 9th factor.

This reflects the ancient people’s understanding of the relationship between women’s sexual psychology and the sexual physiology, and the relationship between organs, Qi and blood. “房中家Fang Zhongjia” believes that according to the behavior of the woman in a room, it can be known whether her “Nine Qi” is full. If the “Nine Qi” is full, it will be beneficial to have intercourse; if the “Nine Qi” is not prepared, it will be harmful to the woman.

《醫心方》Volume 28: 《玄女經》 states:  黃帝 Huangdi said: Good! The nine Qi of a woman, how can you know it?  玄女 Xuan Nv said:  Know it with its nine Qi. When a woman breathes heavily and swallows saliva, her lung Qi rises; when she sings, her heart Qi rises; Those who hold and hug people, the spleen Qi rises; When the vulva is slippery, the kidney qi rises; Those who are attentive to others, the Qi in the bones rises ; those who restraint feet, Qi rises in the tendons; those prepare for intercourse, Qi rises in the blood; Those who breast feed, Qi in the flesh rises. After observing for a while , one can understand.

九素 Jiu Su

Jiu Su is a Daoist term. Taoism believes that when heaven and earth are chaotic, it is innated, and there are three Qi, Xuan, Yuan, and Shi (玄、元、始). The elements source.

《太清玉冊》says that the original nine Qi are: the first Qi produces 混氣 dark blue, 混氣gives rise to 洞氣 red, 洞氣 gives rise to 皓氣  light green; 皓氣 gives rise to 旻氣 green, 旻氣 gives rise to景氣 yellow, 景氣 gives rise to 遁氣 white;遁氣 gives rise to 融氣 purple, 融氣 gives rise to 炎氣 dark, 炎氣 gives rise to 演氣 black.

《雲笈七籤》Volume 8: “At the beginning of the day, there is a palace of Huajing in the sky, the palace has the natural Qi of nine elements, the Qi was chaotic, the clouds were in nine colors, and those who entered the Qi changed their appearance.”

Written by DaDaoJun 大道君

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