Grand Duke – Tai Sui 太岁

Every year during the chinese Spring Festival, many Daoist believers consider a fortune reading to ensure they don´t offend the Grand Duke of Jupiter – Tai Sui 太岁.

Tai Sui is also known as Tai Sui Xing Jun (太岁星君) or Sui Jun (岁君) and originated in the chinese astronomy and astrology as a help to calculate the chinese zodiacs. Ancient daoist scholars found out that Jupiter takes about 11.86 years to circle around the sun once. They devided the orbital sphere of Jupiter around the sun into 12 parts as subject to the 12 Earth branches.  A day was also devided into 12 hours (12 times 2 hours).

Since Jupiter passes the 12 sections in a year, the scholars created the 12 astrological signs. Because the Jupiter takes 11,86 years to circle ths sun and not exactly 12 years, there will be a noticeable inaccuracy to calculate the zodiac signs after some years.

Tai Sui was created as an imaginary “Jupiter” to correct the inaccuracy of the 12 divisions and Jupiter’s orbit, so that one circle was exactly 12 years. This made the calculation of the zodiac signs more accurate. Every year on Li-Chun (立春), the beginning of spring, Tai Sui enters a new orbit and the Tai Sui Diety changes. In Chinese culture men created gods and deities, whereas, in the West, it’s the reverse. They often add mysticism to things they can observe but not explain.

The scholars used 10 Heavenly Stems (十天干) and 12 Earthly Branches (十二地支) that combined created the 60 years cycles (六十花甲) which are represented by 60 Tai Sui deities.
First records of Tai Sui were from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Worshiping Tai Sui became more popular over the generations. It was much later that 60 generals were worshipped as Tai Sui´s that assist the Jade Emperor to rule of the human world. Each of the 60 Tai Sui´s  takes turn to be in charge for a year.
Tai Sui´s are under the jurisdiction of Dou Mu 斗姆 , who is in charge of the star deities and therefore often displayed in temple halls together with the Tai Sui´s.

Yin Jiao (殷郊) is in charge of the 60 Tai Sui´s. Since his appearance is quite cruel he was given the image of a little boy holding a banner saying Dang Nian Tai Sui (当年太岁), meaning this years Tai Sui.






There are 4 types of offences of Tai-Sui:

沖太岁 – Chōng tài suì – Clash Tai Sui

刑太岁 – Xíng tài suì – Punish Tai-Sui

害太岁 – Hài tài suì – Harming Tai Sui

破太岁 – Pò tài suì – Destroy Tai Sui

Additionally we often use the term “on duty” Tai Sui – Zhí tài suì 值太岁.

The effects of “Clashes” are the most severe, followed by “Punishment”, “Harm”, and “Destroy”.

It is commonly known that if Tai Sui crosses ones zodiac year, it will bring bad luck, so people try to find ways to avoid that.

What zodiac is offending Tai Sui the coming year of 2023?

In the year of the Rabbit following zodiac signs will offend the Tai Sui – “Fan Tai Sui”  犯太岁:

– Rooster in clash 沖 with Tai Sui

– Rat in punishment 刑 with Tai Sui

– Dragon in harm 害 with Tai Sui

– Horse in destruction 破 with Tai Sui

– Rabbit itself sits on Tai Sui or is “on duty” Tai Sui 值太岁

What are the Names and Talismans of 60 Tai Sui´s ?

Listed are year and name of the Tai Sui in charge:

甲子太岁 – 金辩大将军
乙丑太岁 – 陈材大将军
丙寅太岁 – 耿章大将军
丁卯太岁 – 沈兴大将军
戊辰太岁 – 赵达大将军
己巳太岁 – 郭灿大将军
庚午太岁 – 王济大将军
辛未太岁 – 李素大将军
壬申太岁 – 刘旺大将军
癸酉太岁 – 康志大将军
甲戌太岁 – 施广大将军
乙亥太岁 – 任保大将军
丙子太岁 – 郭嘉大将军
丁丑太岁 – 汪文大将军
戊寅太岁 – 鲁先大将军
己卯太岁 – 龙仲大将军
庚辰太岁 – 董德大将军
辛巳太岁 – 郑但大将军
壬午太岁 – 陆明大将军
癸未太岁 – 魏仁大将军
甲申太岁 – 方傑大将军
乙酉太岁 – 蒋崇大将军
丙戌太岁 – 白敏大将军
丁亥太岁 – 封济大将军
戊子太岁 – 邹铛大将军
己丑太岁 – 傅佑大将军
庚寅太岁 – 邬桓大将军
辛卯太岁 – 范甯大将军
壬辰太岁 – 彭泰大将军
癸巳太岁 – 徐单大将军
甲午太岁 – 章词大将军
乙未太岁 – 杨仙大将军
丙申太岁 – 管仲大将军
丁酉太岁 – 唐傑大将军
戊戌太岁 – 姜武大将军
己亥太岁 – 谢太大将军
庚子太岁 – 卢秘大将军
辛丑太岁 – 杨信大将军
壬寅太岁 – 贺谔大将军
癸卯太岁 – 皮时大将军
甲辰太岁 – 李诚大将军
乙巳太岁 – 吴遂大将军
丙午太岁 – 文哲大将军
丁未太岁 – 缪丙大将军
戊申太岁 – 徐浩大将军
己酉太岁 – 程宝大将军
庚戌太岁 – 倪秘大将军
辛亥太岁 – 叶坚大将军
壬子太岁 – 丘德大将军
癸丑太岁 – 朱得大将军
甲寅太岁 – 张朝大将军
乙卯太岁 – 万清大将军
丙辰太岁 – 辛亚大将军
丁巳太岁 – 杨彦大将军
戊午太岁 – 黎卿大将军
己未太岁 – 傅党大将军
庚申太岁 – 毛梓大将军
辛酉太岁 – 石政大将军
壬戌太岁 – 洪充大将军
癸亥太岁 – 虞程大将军


Written by XuanMenJun 玄門君


  1. Hi, my sign is the snake, and Iwas born at 1989. It’s punishment and Hart!? Which talisman should I use this year?

  2. Hi!
    My sign is the pig.
    If I understand the blog, in 2022 pig has a destruction relation with tiger. Which talisman should I use this year?
    Thanks a lot

  3. So, I am a fire monkey and at the start of this new year, last Thursday, Feb 3rd, the owner of the property I live on as a caretaker informed me that he has decided to sell throwing my present situation into crave doubt. While there are jobs here is Chico, CA since the Camp Fire in 2018 there is nothing to rent that isn’t insanely expensive. Interestingly I made joke that as a monkey i was going to be conflicting with the Tiger this year at the Taoist Study Group that I attend here having no knowledge of this relationship.

  4. I’m born 1981, metal rooster. Tai sui is wrecking me. my wife left me, I lost my condo as a result. I had a car accident and destroyed my knee, losing my ability to walk. I also failed my nursing exam

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